Only CTEX Markets finds you the best price and arbitration by default.

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The Worlds Leading Exchange Aggregation Platform

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Trade across Coinbase, Binance, and dozens of other crypto exchanges in minutes. Leverage our social trad-ing platform to gain financial literacy by learning from our top traders.

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Benefits of Using Our Solution

From the beginner to the institutional trader we have something for everyone - from advanced analytics and AI through to API and atomic trades.

Opportunity Hunting

Our system is constantly hunting for trading oportuni-ties for you. It checks prices across many sources and shows you where you can buy and sell.

Arbitration by Default

We understand how sensitive your trading can be, especially to start with, so our system always finds you the best prices - in both directions.

Social Trading

We have lots of traders, some of them are doing great - why not follow them?

Cloud Based

Nothing to install on your device, our systems are cloud based and accesible from anywhere, at any time, from any device.

Modeling & Analysis

Charting and modeling are part of every good strategy - but what about AI? Support your technical analysis with ground breaking AI.

We'll tell you when..

We know you can't spend all day watching the screen for price changes so why not sit back and let us send you notifications instead?


CTEX Markets isn't in the App Store or Google Play Store. We offer a web based solution that is accessible from anywhere