What do we provide?

The best platform environment

Beyond becoming the world's leading tools platform, our vision is to connect all exchanges to provide the optimal experience.

Once connected, CTEX will ensure the right tools to better predict bear and bull markets. We will lower risk while improving overall user experience.

Innovation and Results

Our Solution: Analyze, Trade, and Learn

- ANALYZE with Artificial Intelligence to maximize experience

- TRADE across multiple exchanges using Arbitrage to seize opportunities

- LEARN from top traders using Social Trading

Helping you to succeed

We Are the First Platform to Provide...

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE - Our team gives our users the ability to leverage sentiment analysis from social media and news outlets in order to predict negative and postive emotions for a selection of cryptocurrencies.

ARBITRAGE TRADING INDICATORS - Not only do we allow our users to integrate with multiple exchanges, we automatically pinpoint the best arbitrage opprotunities.

SOCIAL TRADING - We are providing a collaborative platform for traders of all skillsets to learn, teach, and compete against each other.

What If You Are NOT A Trader?

We Still can Bring Value to You

We offer a unique opprotunity for beginners, intermediate, and expert traders to advance their skillsets.

Become a better trader by collaborating with traders world wide. Gaining financial literacy should be as easy as making a phone call. Join CTEXMarkets to put your financial future into your own hands.