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Our Solution

The best platform environment

Whether you need a new trading platform or already have an established portfolio management system CTEX Markets has the solution for you

Our platform provides an ideal trading environment for both the smaller, bespoke, trade environment as well as also providing direct API access for the established, larger institutional trading organization. Regardless of which option is required, both deliver a superb user experience.

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For smaller traders already tied into alternate systems with less functionality than ours, adopting a new tool or solution would normally result in them losing out somewhere. However the great news, for you from our side, is that with the CTEX Markets platform we still integrate all the great functionality via API making it really easy to enjoy the benefits of the CTEX Markets user interface.

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Innovation and Results

Supporting your trade activities

Our engineers have developed innovative features that extend your trading capabilities.

Analysis using Artificial Intelligence in order to optimize any opportunities there to exploit. Our platform gives traders and portfolio managers the ability to leverage reliable sentiment analysis from social media and news outlets. This is an extraordinary tool in then being able to gauge either negative or positive sentiments which are behind the future selection of particular cryptocurrencies.

Trade across multiple venues for best execution and exploiting arbitrage opportunities.

Post-trade analysis tools. This is designed to assist you in assessing and evaluating your macro perspective strategy — past, present and future.

Performance Overview

Do you have Traders working for you?

If you manage a team of portfolio managers, work with allocations or simply have traders working as part of a team, our platform is built around a carefully-engineered user interface that allows you to manage them.

The portfolio management system gives you a visual perspective of the results of each specific trader. Essentially delivering the best possible holistic overview of the results and performance.

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